Handa is a small design company based in New York, providing handmade goods with a contemporary aesthetic from the Mangyan people of the Philippines. Our products are designed by founder Hannah Haworth who grew up with the Mangyan.
Every textile is 100% natural cotton handdyed with indigo, this creates a unique variation in color from piece to piece.  There are a growing number of women involved in making pieces for Handa and so there are slightly different interpretations in pattern depending on the hand and eye of the artisan. 
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Our History
The Mangyan are one of the indigenous people groups of the Philippines, they originally were the only inhabitants of Mindoro Island and lived along the coast, where many of the textile patterns were inspired and designed.
With the influx of foreign settlers such as the Spanish and Tagalog, and raids by the Moro, the peaceful Mangyan people have been gradually pushed into the interior mountains of Mindoro where they currently live in communities that have disappearing access to clean water and land to hunt and grow food on due to outside mining and illegal logging pursuits. Unfortunately, they are also given lesser to no basic rights in terms of healthcare, education and equal opportunity to the Tagalog people.

Our Goal
Handa is committed to providing jobs, fair wages and ensuring a future for this rare and ancient handicraft.  We also donate 10% of all proceeds to projects within the Mangyan communities. This year, we are beginning to build a community library in the village of Batangan.  Starting with textbooks and reference books often prohibitively expensive for the Mangyan children, though required by the school system. 
Founder, Hannah Haworth spent 10 years living with the Mangyan people and is deeply grateful to have this unique opportunity to be able to return some of their kindness and hospitality through Handa.  At the heart of what she does, her aim is to help empower these women she was raised with and strengthen further their pride in their culture.