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Hannah Haworth

   "I grew up in the Mangyan tribal community of Mindoro island, Philippines. For me, these childhood years informed my two main interests which I can pinpoint as an overwhelmingly endless curiosity for the natural world and an obsession with expertly executed craft.

The slow and steady pace at which the Mangyan weaving is created and the subtle ceremony with which the gestures are produced are mesmerizing and transportive for me. These textiles hold an inexplicable sense of the sacred. Their fibers represent a long history of a beautiful matriarchal and pacifist culture, where women pass down the knowledge of growing and weaving cotton to their daughters, enabling them to create the cloth they need for their homes, bodies and children." 

Hannah and her family moved to the Philippines from their native Scotland when she was 3 years old, her parents worked with the indigenous Mangyan people of Mindoro providing primary health care and social work for 10 years.  

Following her emigration to the US in 2009,  Hannah worked for a number of community focused non-profits in New York and New Mexico before spending several years at high end furniture company BDDW.  In 2015, Hannah founded Handa (which translates as 'ready') with the goal to provide a culturally responsible livelihood with the Mangyan women she grew up with.  She lives and works in the Catskill mountains of New York, often collaborating with her husband, furniture maker Brian Persico. She visits Mindoro every year to work alongside the Mangyan. 


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