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Quilt no.2

This quilt is pieced together with handwoven cotton, made in the tradition of the Mangyan people of the indigenous village I grew up in on Mindoro island, Philippines. 
According to historical tradition, this iconic cotton fabric is created by women only after marriage and once learned, is typically woven in solitude.  Learning to weave becomes a familial ceremony in its own right. The cloth is traditionally used to carry children, make clothing and scraps are used as menstrual towels and mens loincloths. 
The fabric created is generally used for everyday life, with countless repairs and modifications.  Studying some of the older pieces and their subsequent repairs inspired this quilt which I assembled and sewed by hand, using stitches and patterns seen in antique examples and adding my own narrative via the stitches. 
It was important for me to create my textile according to original regulations and purpose, therefore continuing the tradition. The dimensions are designed to be used as a blanket for a newborn, adding additional raw cotton and fabric to accommodate for the colder climate I now live in. 

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