Handa is a small design company based in New York, providing handmade goods  from the Mangyan people of the Philippines. Our line is designed by Hannah Haworth in collaboration with the Mangyan weavers.
Every textile is 100% natural cotton and most are made with indigo, creating a unique variation in color from piece to piece.  There are a growing number of women involved in making pieces for Handa and so a beautiful array of interpretations in pattern can be expected, depending on the hand + eye of it's creator. 
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The Mangyan are one of the indigenous people groups of the Philippines, they originally were the only inhabitants of Mindoro Island and lived along the coast, where the traditional textile patterns (many are available here) were inspired and designed.

With the influx of foreign settlers such as the Spanish and Tagalog, and raids by the Moro, the peaceful Mangyan people have been gradually pushed into the interior mountains of Mindoro where they currently live in smaller subsistence farming communities that struggle with access to healthcare and are constantly having to negotiate rights to their land. The Mangyan are made up of 8 people groups that have varying customs and language as well as living generally in separate communities. The groups that primarily work at Handa are the Hanunoo and the Buhid as they are historically the cotton weavers, also (the founder) Hannah grew up within a Buhid community and many of the employees at Handa are childhood friends. 

The Goal

Handa is committed to providing jobs, fair wages and ensuring a future for this rare and ancient handicraft.  We also donate 10% of all proceeds to Mangyan-led projects within the villages that focus on different initiatives depending on the needs of the community. These needs could be anywhere from family planning to helping secure ancestral land rights. 

Handa is a company that is intentionally built with the Mangyan community, most aspects of our management, quality control, book keeping and shipping are Mangyan led and a good portion of the design is handled by Mangyan artists. 
Founder, Hannah Haworth spent 10 years living with the Buhid Mangyan people and is deeply grateful to have this unique opportunity to be able to return some of their kindness and hospitality through Handa.  At the heart of what she does, her aim is to help provide income for these women she was raised with and create a global awareness and appreciation for their expertly executed craft.


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