Hand Woven Natural Cotton Scarf

Soft and warm handwoven cotton scarf with selvedge edges and fringe detail at the ends. The dark color is a deep, dark navy (not black!) that will lighten a little with time and use. The scarves are made on very rudimentary backstrap looms with locally farmed cotton which is then dyed traditionally with indigo from the same mountains the weavers live in. The motifs in the weaving are age-old traditional patterns that are passed down from mothers to daughters and worn by everyone in the family.

Mangyan women take some days to complete these pieces - from dyeing the threads to eventually taking the finished scarf off the loom. Once enough have been completed, they are brought down the mountain by water buffalo and sent from the closest post office to Hannah (the founder) in New York. The scarves then get laundered, trimmed and carefully picked over before finding their way to our store. All the weavers are paid generously and 10% of proceeds are put back into community projects.