Big Wave 23" x 108"

Shade 23" x 108"

Little Wave 23" x 108"

Bootiki 23" x 108"


Reina 23" x 108"

Post (rosa) 23" x 108"

Irregular Stripe 23" x 108"

Ha Oh 23" x 108"


These are the patterns that are signature to Handa, and have inspired our products. Each is 100% cotton.  A co-op of indigenous Philippine women hand weave each 'tapis' on simple homemade bamboo looms that are built into the walls of their houses, look here for more info on the process.

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Inspired by the Mindoro Island coast and dyed with natural indigo, these rich navy hues have been produced by the Mangyan for centuries. The cloths are woven traditionally to be used as hammocks, baby slings and skirts.