Hand Woven Buri Leaf and Nito Vine baskets

Handwoven palm leaf hanging baskets. These baskets feature several different traditional designs that are believed to bring protection to the wearer. In the Mangyan villages, they are used for carrying small items to the fields such as lunch or betel chew ingredients. Some of these motifs were lost for generations, but recently rediscovered in a private antique collection and so they were brought back to the Mangyan artisans to study, recreate and put back into circuit.

Mangyan women take some days to complete these pieces - from harvesting the leaves and drying them for weaving to eventually preparing bark to stitch the designs over the surface. Once enough have been completed, they are brought down the mountain by water buffalo and sent from the closest post office to Hannah in New York. The baskets then get steamed and carefully picked over before finding their way here to the store. All the weavers are paid generously and 10% of proceeds are put back into community projects.